TCG-17th AB

TCG-17th AB Troop Carrier Across the Rhine with 17th Airborne

TCG-17th AB
Troop Carrier Across the Rhine with 17th Airborne

Enjoy the history of the Airborne Troop Carrier units in World War II during March-May 1945 with this discovered and researched archival film footage. Watch as C-47 and the new C-46 Commando aircraft of the IX Troop Carrier Command train and prepare for Operation Varsity, the jump across the Rhine. Troop Carrier men along with the men of the 17th Airborne Division load the planes and gliders with their equipment and weapons. Watch the skytrain fly across the Rhine and the paratroopers jump into Germany.

Identified aircraft are seen on the ground and in the air and the viewer gets a unique look and visual record of the IX Troop Carrier Command and 17th Airborne Division and their men in action during World War II.

In constructing this film on these Troop Carrier Groups and 17th Airborne Division, we have watched hundreds of hours of archival film footage. We have utilized a variety of sources for research. What has remained is identified footage. We present this material without any narration (sound) added. The quality of the footage varies from clip to clip. Some may be over exposed, other clips dark and even items may not have ideal focus. Nevertheless, we want to present the most comprehensive record of this group on film and so we have included any and all footage that we have been able to locate.

These are not documentary WWII movies, they are not hollywood produced films but the raw original footage taken by the photographers of the Army Air Forces Combat Camera Units and Army Signal Corps Photo Units. Much of the footage had to be digitized from their original 16mm and 35mm film reels.

145 total minutes of mostly silent black and white film footage; there is some live sound and a bit of produced sound. There is even a bit of color footage in this unique collection of film.

Participants seen in this DVD include:
313th Troop Carrier Group (29th TCS, 47th TCS, 48th TCS, 49th TCS)
349th Troop Carrier Group (23rd TCS, 313th TCS, 314th TCS)
434th Troop Carrier Group (71st TCS, 72nd TCS, 73rd TCS, 74th TCS)
437th Troop Carrier Group (83rd TCS, 84th TCS, 85th TCS, 86th TCS)
439th Troop Carrier Group
441st Troop Carrier Group (301st TCS, 100th TCS)

17th Airborne Division
513th PIR
194th GIR
155th AA Bn
464th Para Field Artillery Battalion, 466th Para Field Artillery Battalion

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