5th Bomb Wing - 2/97/99/301/463/483 Bombardment Groups

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The 5th BW was initiated in North Africa in January of 1943 where they were assigned to the 12th Air Force.  The wing would transfer to the 15th Air Force in late 1943 and under which command they would remain until V-E Day.  The core groups of the 5th BW were the Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress" heavy bombardment groups:  2nd BG, 97th BG, 99th BG, 301st BG, 463rd BG, 483rd BG.  Other groups including bombardment and fighter groups such as the 1st Fighter Group spent time assigned to the 5th Bomb Wing.

This film is comprised of discovered archival footage taken by the Army Air Forces Combat Camera Units.

Identified aircraft are seen on the ground and in the air and the viewer gets a unique look and visual record of the groups assigned to the 5th Bomb Wing and their men in action during World War II.

In constructing this film on the 5th Bomb Wing, we have watched hundreds of hours of film footage.  We have utilized a variety of sources for research. What has remained is identified footage.  We present this material without any narration (sound) added.  Footage contained has NOT been enhanced such as claiming it is presented in HD. Some footage may be over exposed, other clips dark and even items may not have ideal focus. Nevertheless, we want to present the most comprehensive record that we can compile.

The film footage herein of the 463rd and 483rd Groups represents the entire amount of footage we have been able to attribute to these two Groups.

The film footage herein of the 301st Bombardment Group represents newly discovered footage not found on another published 301st BG DVD that was created by another company.

DVDs containing more complete histories of the 2nd Bombardment Group97th Bombardment Group and 99th Bombardment Group are located here on Military Cinema. 

These are not documentary wwii movies, they are not hollywood produced films but the raw original footage taken by the photographers of the Army Air Forces Combat Camera Units. Much of the footage was digitized from 16mm and 35mm film reels.

225 Minutes.  Black & White film. One clip of color.  Mostly silent but there is some sound.


This DVD contains footage of the:

2nd Bombardment Group

97th Bombardment Group

99th Bombardment Group

301st Bombardment Group

463rd Bombardment Group

483rd Bombardment Group

1st Fighter Group


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  • 4
    5th Bomb Wing

    Posted by Martin Poleski on 25th Apr 2018

    Added much to my knowledge of my father's service in the 5th Bomb Wing

  • 3
    The 5th BW video

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Aug 2017

    It's good for a lot of visual details about the 5th and overall, images of how practically any BW went about its business