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IX Troop Carrier Command & 17th Airborne Division Motion Pictures

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Military Cinema is pleased to announce the upcoming release of "Troop Carrier - Across the Rhine"; archival film footage of the Troop Carrier Groups and 17th Airborne Division as they prepare and execute Operation Varsity the jump across the Rhine River on March 24, 1945.Watch as C-47 and the new C-46 Commando aircraft of the IX Troop Carrier Command fly in a huge skytrain to deliver the troops and equipment.  There is even some unique color footage of this event.  Order your copy today: "Troop Carrier Across The Rhine"airborne-troop-carrier.png

Cottontails of the 450th Bombardment in Flight

Seven B-24s were in close-formation above and to the right of the top turret gunner and his Liberator. The windows were open in the waist sections of each aircraft their gunners searching the sky for enemy aircraft as Pratt Whitney motors propelled the planes of the 450th Bombardment toward their target, the docks at San Stefano, Italy. It [...]

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A B-24 Mission to Ploesti in World War II

It was 22 July 1944 and another mission for the men and the B-24 Liberators of the 451st Bombardment Group. The target for today was the oil fields at Ploesti, Rumania one of the most heavily fortified targets that the men of the 15th Air Force would face. While some easy targets became known as 'milk runs', [...]

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Military Cinema is now on Facebook and Pinterest

We have just launched our facebook page:   you can also purchase our dvds using the socialshop app plug in from our facebook page.You can start to follow us on Pinterest:  create and share some pins of your favorite items!Happy New Years 2015.

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451st Bombardment Group DVD Ships for Christmas

Our latest dvd on the 451st Bombardment Group (B-24 aircraft) of the 15th Air Force will begin shipping before Christmas 2014.  

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5th Bomb Wing and 99th Bombardment Group DVDs begin shipping

Today the first orders of two new DVDs began shipping.  99th Bombardment Group and 5th Bomb Wing.  These films are based on groups of the 15th Air Force based in North Africa and Italy in World War II.  The 99th BG was a B-17 group.  The 5th Bomb Wing DVD contains footage of the 2nd, [...]

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15th Air Force Film Released

450th Bombardment Group Military Cinema announces the release of a DVD on the 450th Bombardment Group of the 15th Air Force. Known as the Cottontails they flew B-24 Liberators. This DVD adds to 15th AF released films of the 2nd Bombardment, 97th Bombardment, 304th Bomb Wing, 82nd Fighter and 325th Fighter Groups. [...]

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New Releases - 12th, 319th, 321st Groups

Military Cinema is pleased to announce the shipping of three Aviation films. 12th Bombardment Group - Earthquakers319th Bombardment Group321st Bombardment GroupThe films of these groups contain footage in Egypt, Tunisia and much more during 1943, 1944 and 1945.  View exciting archival movie film footage taken by the Combat Camera Units of the Army Air Forces.   [...]

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First Titles Released

Military Cinema proudly announces the shipping of our first 6 DVD titles: 82nd Fighter Group 97th Bombardment Group 47th Bombardment Group 325th Fighter Group 304th Bomb Wing 2nd Bombardment Group We are happy to get these historic footage films to the market so that you can enjoy this history. Watch a variety of scenes through the signal corps and combat camera [...]

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The Curtain Goes Up On Military Cinema

Welcome to Military Cinema, we are bringing you researched and identified film footage of World War II ! If you enjoy the Military History Channel like us and wonder if there must be more film footage out there, then you have come to the right place. We have endeavored to find as much archival film footage [...]

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